What would happen if we decided to cease using terms like “dominant culture” and “visible minority”?  Would we begin to see each other as equals, as individuals, as humans with unlimited potential and limitless hope?

I wonder.


Published by: Ally Smith

A Mom, wife, student.....a thinker, a dreamer and advocate. I think it, I say it and I do what I can to make it happen. Together, we can create change. I am a Child and Youth Worker, and currently a nursing student, who dreams of travel nursing to NYC, San Francisco, and New England cities and towns. My husband and I are working towards creating a space in our community where children, youth and their families will find inspiration and support to live their lives to the fullest, being their true selves and finding empowerment in the fostering of their individual strengths, talents and interests. I am an aspiring singer/musician, artist and writer and fuel the creative and spiritual sides of my soul in nature. My husband, son, 2 cats and golden retriever Dolly live a cozy little life together in Paris, ON with our sights set on travelling across North America and beyond. Please join us as we ignite our passions and encourage others to do the same. Live life. Do it now. :)

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